Welcome to Our Adult Learning Centre


Our Centre welcomes all adults interested in learning. We have helped some individuals learn to read and have supported others working on secondary school credits, college courses, and university preparation. We continue to offer ongoing support for challenging the GED, a grade 12 equivalency program. We can also provide that same support to learners wanting to complete their grade twelve studies in French.

We offer online training in over 124 courses through HR Downloads. Learners can enhance their résumés with training certificates in Accessibility (AODA), Customer Service, Health and Safety, Leadership, Performance and Conduct, Professional Skills, and Workplace Wellness. 

We have assembled a program focused on Essential Skills in the Workplace. This resource binder provides learners with practical tips and activities to improve their essential skills in: Computer Use, Document Use, Oral Communication, Reading, Thinking, Working with Others, Writing, Numeracy, and Continuous Learning.

Bienvenue dans notre centre d’apprentissage pour adultes


Notre centre accueille tous les adultes intéressés à apprendre. Nous avons aidé certaines personnes à apprendre à lire et soutenu d’autres personnes travaillant sur des crédits d’enseignement secondaire, des cours de niveau collégial et des cours préparatoires à l’université. Nous continuons à offrir un soutien continu pour relever le défi du programme GED, un programme d’équivalence pour les élèves de 12e année. Nous pouvons également offrir le même soutien aux apprenants désirant terminer leurs études de français en douzième année.

Nous proposons des formations en ligne dans plus de 124 cours via HR Downloads. Les apprenants peuvent enrichir leur curriculum vitae avec des certificats de formation en accessibilité (LAPHO), service à la clientèle, santé et sécurité, direction, performance et comportement professionnel, compétences professionnelles et bien-être au travail.

Nous avons mis sur pied un programme axé sur les compétences essentielles en milieu de travail. Ce cahier de ressources fournit aux apprenants des conseils pratiques et des activités pour améliorer leurs compétences essentielles dans les domaines suivants: utilisation de l’ordinateur, utilisation de documents, communication orale, lecture, réflexion, travail d’équipe, écriture, calcul et apprentissage continu.

Our Mission Statement


 We work with our community to promote and provide life-long learning for adults and their families.

Learn for life!

Notre déclaration de mission


 Nous travaillons avec notre communauté pour promouvouir et fournir l’apprentissage continu pour adultes et leurs familles.  Apprendre, c’est pour la vie!

Our Partnerships / Nos partenariats


Employment Ontario

Employment Ontario

Government of Ontario

Government of Ontario

Government of Canada

Government of Canada

Ontario Trillium Foundation

Ontario Trillium Foundation

Literacy Network Northeast

Literacy Network Northeast

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Adult Learning

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Adult Learning

How do we deliver our services to the learner?

How do we deliver our services to the learner?

Because we work with such a wide range of students, we offer a wide range of delivery methods. Independent study, one-on-one support, small group sessions, and online learning are all provided. We can also offer a blended program that combines two or more of these styles. Programming is designed to fit the learner, taking into account current skills and future goals. Sometimes, where the person live helps determine the type of programming that best suits their needs. For example, someone from Hornpayne, Missanabie, or White River would have different delivery needs than a learner from Hawk, Dubreuilville, or Wawa.

How are we able to offer our services?

We are able to offer FREE literacy programs for both Francophones and Anglophones in this area because we are funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Under the umbrella of Employment Ontario, we are funded in part by the Government of Canada, the Government of Ontario, and through the Canada-Ontario Job Fund Agreement..

Why are we open?

Our goal is to provide lifelong learning for the people of Wawa, Michipicoten First Nation, Dubreuilville, White River, the Mission, Hawk Junction, and Missanabie.

What secondary school upgrading we offer?

We offer Secondary School credits in English, mathematics, sciences, social studies, and technology. Nous offrons également des crédits au secondaire en français, en mathématiques, en sciences, en études sociales et en technologie.

How can we help with Self-Management and Self-Direction?

Topics include self-confidence, self-motivation, time management, working with others, adapability, and goal setting. Les sujets incluent confience en soi, motivation personnelle, gestion de son temps, s’engager avec les autres, adaptabiliter, établir des tacheeverssesbesoin.

What Essential Skills do we offer?

We offer Essential Skills in Reading, Writing, Document Use, Numeracy (including money math, scheduling or budgeting and accounting, measurement and calculation, data analysis, and numerical estimation), Computer Use/ Digital Skills, Thinking Skills (including job task planning and organizing, decision making, critical thinking, problem solving, and finding information), Oral Communication, Working with Others, and Continuous Learning.

Quelles Compétences Essentielles offrons-nous en français?

Nous proposons des Compétences Essentielles en lecture, écriture, utilisation de documents, calcul (y compris calcul financier, ordonnancement ou budgétisation et comptabilité, mesure et calcul, analyse de données et estimation numérique), compétences informatiques / numériques, aptitude à la pensée (y compris organisation, prise de décision, pensée critique, résolution de problèmes et recherche d’informations), communication orale, travail d’autrui et apprentissage continu.

Our Board of Directors and Staff Members

Board of Directors




Christine Parise cparise13@sympatico.ca

Vice President

Dan Stelmach stelmachda@gmail.com


Elaine Christensen e-christensen@shaw.ca

Recording Secretary

Katherine Boyd kboyd@wawafht.com



Martin Doyle mdoylesr@hotmail.com

Irene Grusys daynadog@sympatico.ca


Staff Members


Pat Dubé

Director/ Program Coordinator



Michelle Terris

Office Manager/SPRA



Cheryl Anne Paquette

Adult Instructor